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About BTM GLasshouse Logistics

About BTM GLasshouse Logistics


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BTM is specialised in development and manufacturing of harvesting and processing equipment for greenhouses in particular. We keep in touch with our customers and follow market developments using intensive after sales services. We have our own development and protobuilding department, so we can offer optimum service to our customers in the field of mechanisation and automation. 


- Aware of latest market developments
- In-house Development and Proto departments
- Extended assortment of machinery
- Reliable
- Skilled staff

We produce machines and systems that are designed for mainly (cut)flower processing. Besides this, we also manufacture systems for other various glasshouse products, as lettuce harvesting conveyors, pepper harvesting- and buffering systems, waste transport- and handling systems and other kinds of internal transport at auctions, printing-offices, bookbindings, tennis-courts, fisheries and candy factories.
Allmost all the machines and systems are manufactured according to the customers specification. 

We have an extensive assortment of machines: from basic conventional bunching lines designed for one-man companies to high-tech computer-controlled grading and bunching systems for large flower producers. Besides, our product range includes some practical machines like the chrysanthemum cutting robot, deleafing machines, elastic binding machines and bucket- and fust unload and filling machines.

- Uniformity of your products
- Labour saving
- User friendly
- Durable
- Custom-made goods 





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