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BTM machines are supplied with the latest technical developments and constructed by our professional engineers, who study, test and apply the latest techniques. In this way the BTM machines are provided with the most advanced techniques, to guarantee optimal rentability and high reliability. 
The BTM T124 super chrysanthemum en lily harvesting line, the BTM T127 in combination with the BTM T512 path unit and the BTM T4100 Uniflor universal bunching line in particular are excellent examples of highly developed machines. Provided with PLC programs these machines guarantee high productivity, high reliability and low maintenance costs


In 2002 the BTM T8000 was introduced on the market. Every single stem is classified with help of a vision system, sorted and bunched automatically. Besides extensive systems the product range of BTM includes a number of practical machines like the chrysanthemum cutting robot, the bucket and tray unload and filling machine, deleafing units and binding machines.

Internal transport systems
BTM has already built a number of internal transport systems.
For example: systems in candy-factories, tennis halls, fish-industry, bookbinderies, auctions etc.
Obviously these are not standard transport systems, but special systems designed, developed and built by BTM according to the customers’ specifications.

» Processing lines
» Harvesting systems
» Grading systems
» Paprika systems
» Destacking /filling
» Waste processing
» Cutting robots
» Miscellaneous




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