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In every way "at your service"!

BTM explores internationally. Our sales representatives are no nonsense advisors with full knowledge. If desired, their technical advise or clear offer will quickly on your desk. Complete with drawings and clear documentation.

Our staff exists of purely skilled workers who know how the business works. For example, our mechanics are friendly professionals and they provide installations, maintain your machines and, in urgent cases, are also reachable in the weekends and in the evening by dialing the service telephone number. 
This to full gratitude of our customers! And that is what it is all about at BTM, there we enjoy servicing you. In every way "at your service"!

The service department can also be reached in the evening and in weekends in urgent cases

telephone number:  +31 (0)497- 556226

C & B Service BV
De Kuiper 7a
5521 DG Eersel

telephone: +31 (0)497-540374
fax: +31 (0)497-540237


Bram Boers
Naaldwijksweg 88
2691 RK 's-Gravenzande

telephone: +31 (0)174 - 41 30 10
handy: +31 (0)6 - 54 36 26 87





BTM Glasshouse Logistics | Standerdmolen 7 | 5571RN Bergeijk | T +31(0) 497 555 226 | E

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